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All Things College Visionary Scholarship

Our Founder, Gia, is excited to announce the launch of our inaugural scholarship, designed to support young scholars who identify as visionaries and are actively making a positive impact in their communities. Gia Taijae Tejeda, an alumna of Spelman College with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and double minors in Management & Organization and Entrepreneurship & Innovation, has been instrumental in the development of All Things College since her high school years.

Inspired by Gia's dedication, hard work, and ability to overcome challenges, All Things College is proud to introduce this scholarship as a testament to her ongoing commitment. The scholarship aims to empower, encourage, and equip individuals to break generational glass ceilings.

A visionary, by our definition, is someone with the ability to envision and plan for the future with imagination and wisdom. These individuals possess a forward-thinking mindset, seeing possibilities beyond the current state of affairs. Visionaries are often associated with leadership, entrepreneurship, and creative endeavors, setting ambitious goals and inspiring others to join them in pursuing a shared vision. They play a crucial role in driving innovation, shaping industries, and leading social and cultural change.

This scholarship is created with the purpose of helping students graduate debt-free, enabling them to pursue their dreams and goals that will one day change the world. We invite passionate and visionary students to apply for this scholarship, as we believe in supporting the next generation of leaders who will make a positive impact on our world.

For more information on how to apply, deadlines, and additional details, please apply at ( or contact us at Together, let's break barriers and empower future visionaires to achieve their aspirations."


Application open date: January 1, 2024
Deadline: May 1, 2024
Individual award: $1,000
Minimum GPA: 2.50
Gender: Male and Female
Residency Status: U.S. Citizen
Ethnicities: African American/Black and Hispanic/ Latino
Pursuing Classifications: High School Senior that has aspirations of attending an HBCU or PWI to earn a 4-year degree

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