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Mission: All Things College is committed to bridging the gap from high school to higher education within the minority community.


Purpose: The primary purpose of All Things College is to Advocate for quality education by informing students and parents nationwide on college readiness, standardized test-prep, and scholarships; ensuring an increase in minority economic growth and college retention rates.


Gia saw a common denominator, which was that everyone was struggling with the idea of mastering the ACT/SAT, applying for scholarships, and the college application process. Therefore, she cultivated an environment where everyone could learn together. From there, Gia would send scholarship lists to students and parents, helping students apply for college, assisting students in fixing their resumes, and hosting her #AllThingsCollege workshops.


Gia saw a need in her community and acted upon it. Gia didn't foresee that her story, journey, and knowledge would help change a student's narrative all around the United States… but God. Mainly, the goal of All Things College is to boost the numbers of minority students attending college and earn scholarships. To bridge the gap between students who can't afford to remain at their dream schools. We reach students who feel as though it is too late. To talk to the students who have been told they would never amount to anything and that they should stop dreaming so big because Gia experienced those same feelings. 


The initiative All Things College began when our Founder, Gia Taijae Tejeda, was a freshman in high school. Gia hosted monthly ACT/SAT study sessions with students across the Metro-Atlanta area. She has even partnered with Spelman College to host a financial aid workshop. We host #AllThingsCollege workshops where Gia travels to high schools across the United States and share her journey as a student-entrepreneur, discuss the importance of college readiness and the tools to be successful in one's #AllThingsCollege journey.

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